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manoleeAs some of you are aware, we were first set up by Dr Professor Kevan Wylie and the rest of the clinical staff at Porterbrook clinic. It was set up in conjunction with the PG Dip/Msc in Sex and Relationship Psychotherapy and the intention is to be a interactive society where by members receive and can discuss recent journals and literature. Of course this has steamed further by SSSSR presenting many successful evenings where we have had fantastic lecturers from various guest speakers, not to forget the success of being the hosting party for WAS 2011.

My intentions for SSSSR is for us to be as a virtually interactive as possible so that as many members from around the world can have access to us and be a part of our evening presentations. To be a successful society we must listen to the wants and needs of our members and we are doing just that. We are only as good as our members and we need your help to be successful. I firmly believe that with our exciting new team, you can be sure for exciting changes.

Best wishes


Manolee Yadave