One of SSSSR’s aims is that of encouraging members who are new to research to disseminate what they discovered to the wider sexual therapy research community. In order to enhance this aim, and Trainee/Researcher Prize was developed in 2013 providing a winner the opportunity to present their research at an appropriate conference either nationally or internationally.

This is a statement from the first SSSSR member to receive this prize, Ed Heeley-Randerson:

“The opportunity to present my dissertation was something that originally triggered a degree of anxiety, having never done it before. After sometime I realized that the only way to prove to myself I could do this was to go ahead and accept, and I am so glad I did. Once I booked the conference, I began to feel more motivated and got to work on the presentation straight away, rewording, reducing information to the window of time allotted, and with practice and encouragement from Professor Wylie I believe I did a good job at getting all the relevant information across to the wider audience at in the presentation room. Not only was I able to overcome by anxiety, but I was able to learn allot from other researchers projects and also their presentation styles, and in the end I was able to make contact with some international  colleagues of whom I am still communicate with. Overall I would recommend anyone who; like me, doesn’t classify themselves as a researcher, to put themselves forward for the SSSSR Trainee/Researcher Prize, it’s a great to participate in the wider research community and whilst also being really enjoyable too.”

Ed presented his masters dissertation at the 1st International Conference on LGBT Psychology June 2013

If you too would like an opportunity to present at a conference you have to meet the application criteria, you should complete the PDF nomination form (link below).

The criteria for application is as follows:

  • You have recently completed a piece of master level research relevant to the field of sexual medicine and/or sexual and  relationship psychotherapy within the last 2 years
  • You have never published an article before.
  • You have never presented my own work at a research conference before.
  • You will attempt to publish their work in a relevant journal.
  • You are a current member of SSSSR.