In November 2014 we celebrated the Porterbrook Clinic 40th birthday – and what a celebration it was. The Porterbrook Clinic has been a pioneering and inspiring place for so many and is held dear in the hearts of many. Through the work of clinic, it has seen so many students attend a fantastic course and the birth of SSSSR.We took this opportunity to remember all those who have worked so hard and dedicated so much time and effort to the clinic.  During the evening, we  presented Fellowship Awards to individuals who have made a contribution to the field of Sexuality and Relationship. The SSSSR took the opportunity to present a long service award to David Steward – David was very surprised and thrilled by his award. We like to thank David for all his work and kindness that he has shown over the years.  Finally I would like to extend my thanks for everyone that could make our special evening and for those who had helped to prepare such a special event.
I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year!



Winners of the 2014 SSSSR Fellowshop awards

For their contribution to sexology and sex and relationship therapy either in research, sharing to others in the field and/or recognition of being a pioneer in the field.

Sara Nasserzadeh

Desa Markovic

Brian Daines